Detect Documents & Parse Data in Real Time.
Automated Underwriting for Mortgage and Title Insurance

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Are you satisfied with your document classification and parsing technology?

Most lenders say NO.

Lenders and title insurance underwriters are frustrated with the antiquated architecture of legacy platforms, hours-long response time, complex SLAs and inaccurate results.

Critical questions to consider regarding your document automation platform:

How accurate is your
document classification?

How quickly can your system process documents?

Can your system parse data from documents?

What we are

AI Powered Document Processing APIs for the Mortgage and Title Industries.

The fastest and the most accurate way to process mortgage and title documents

Areal API Platform ingests hundreds of pages of documents, classifies each page, parses critical information, and returns information in a structured JSON format in seconds.

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Trained Document Types

5 Sec

Response Time

Classify and Parse
Documents in Seconds

Process mortgage and title documents in seconds and migrate to real time interactions with your customers.

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High Accuracy Results

Our platform is trained to ensure you can classify documents and extract data with high accuracy.
We currently support nearly 1,000 document types and can train additional types to fit your needs.

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Modern Architecture

Don’t let the data-models of your vendor limit you. With Areal’s APIs, you receive the information necessary to your business in a simple JSON format.

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SOC2 Type 1 Certified
Our Security Policies


Private Cloud

Virtual private cloud dedicated solely to you to ensure access is limited to you and to route traffic between networks privately upon request.

Data In Transit

Authenticated, authorized and end-to-end encrypted API calls to secure data in transit. Traffic stays private without traversing the public internet.

Data At Rest

Data retention policies tailored to your preferences. Avoid data storage altogether or choose AES-256 encryption for your data at rest.


Average net loss per loan is $200 when loan productivity is under 2 per production employee per month.

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